Friday, October 18, 2019 - The Makanda Project

Greater Calvary Baptist Church 55 West 124th Street, Harlem, NYC - 7:00 pm - $20

ulti-instrumentalist Dr. Makanda Ken McIntyre passed away unexpectedly in 2001, leaving about 350 original unrecorded compositions in addition to the 75 that appear on his albums. Most of these had not even been performed in public.  Makanda's brilliant compositions are marked by a distinctive rhythmic and lyrical quality, along with how effectively he can do the unexpected.  These unrecorded compositions promised to be a significant body of work.

The Makanda Project was created in 2005 so that this music could be explored by musicians and heard by the public.  Pianist and leader John Kordalewski has arranged over 50 of the compositions for a large ensemble. The Makanda Project is extending Dr. McIntyre’s work in new ways, and has developed its own identity with his compositions as a vehicle.

A rare NYC performance, this evening the group will be joined by modern dancers, Mickey Davidson and Trashina Conner.


  • Kurtis Rivers - alto saxophone

  • Joe Ford - alto and soprano saxophone

  • Paavo Carey - tenor saxophone, flute

  • Sean Berry - tenor saxophone

  • Charlie Kohlhase - baritone saxophone

  • Eddie Allen - trumpet

  • Haneef Nelson - trumpet

  • Alfred Patterson - trombone

  • Ku-umba Frank Lacy - trombone

  • Bill Lowe - bass trombone

  • John Kordalewski - piano

  • Wes Brown - bass

  • Warren Smith - drums

  • Mickey Davidson - dance

  • Trashina Conner - dance

coproduced with Harlem Jazz Series, Welcome to Harlem